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Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

Because the performance art ministry, "Most Excellent Theophilus", is an evangelical mission of the universal Church, it is important to offer a theological position statement from this musical's author and its stage producers:
Each generation is called (and challenged) to believe in Jesus Christ with gladness of heart and great thanksgiving for His unconditional love; made plain to see on that day He endured state execution by crucifixion ...for US.
Jesus willfully surrendered Himself to that cruel death of His real human flesh so that we might all have the chance of living the true, spiritual life that God the Father always intended for his human sons and daughters.
Leaving His divine habitation (Heaven), Jesus, the Creator of the universe, entered our linear time and three-dimensional space of His making to offer this true, spiritual life to anyone who chooses to receive it freely from Him.
This is the never-ending desire of Jesus’ Father and
“Our Father, Who art in Heaven... ” because, we were created BY God FOR God, to be beloved sons and daughters in close, eternal relationship WITH God!
This holy promise (covenant) of eternal life through Jesus Christ is God’s salvation plan continually unfolding into salvation history; a history that each one of us plays his or her part within.

All this was ordained by the one, true God, Who first revealed His
plans to His very first "set apart for sacred purpose" (definition of holy) people, Israel; God's family name.
God’s good and perfect will towards His human children has been confirmed by the Holy Spirit- illumined writings preserved for each generation within the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and Christian Bible (New Testament) proclaimed by every evangelist of the true Church since its birth on ‘The Day of Pentecost’.
That divine, good will gradually manifests itself within the life of anyone who places his or her trust in Jesus Christ. When that trust is given, God the Holy Spirit indwells the soul and makes that man or woman's Christ-like living apparent to everyone around them.
As they live out their lives IN Christ (the
Apostle Paul's literal description the Christian’s position) they become an effective witness for the Lord; giving their personal testimony of His great love and forgiving mercy in every sphere of influence God the Father grants to them.

(the 'MET' team)

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